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NEW Club Announcement!        

         The Creative Home Arts Club is proud to announce that we have an exciting new development for all members of the club.  Through a new partnership we have developed with Creative Crafts Group, LLC (CCG), we’ve arranged for all active Club members to receive one of CCG’s flagship publications, Creating Keepsakes magazine, as the new Club print publication! 

As many Club members already know, CCG is the premier magazine publisher in the field of craft and hobby titles, and Creating Keepsakes magazine is an award-winning publication in this area.  You don’t need to do anything to begin receiving this magazine going forward, as we’ll automatically make this transition for you.

            This exciting change will take effect starting in March 2011 and will have the benefit of providing our Club members with more content in each issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine in place of the issues of Today’s Creative Home Arts you’ve been receiving.  Every member will receive Creating Keepsakes on a quarterly basis (four issues per year).  We have been able to arrange for this change with no additional cost to our Club members.  We are confident that you’ll enjoy the robust content and relevant focus of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

            This development is just one of the many things we are working on for Club members.  On the Internet front, we are focused on providing all your other member benefits, as well as relevant content, on the Club website and through the Club email newsletters.  These Club assets will allow us to communicate better and faster with all Club members and will also provide us with valuable feedback from our members on all areas of the Creative Home Arts Club. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I got a letter in the mail, telling me about a change in the Club.  Why is this happening?

We simply felt that a new form of the Club, and the Club magazine, was best for our Members going forward.  We wanted to find a way to provide our Club Members with more content in each issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine in place of the issues of Today’s Creative Home Arts you’ve been receiving.

So we sought out the best partner we could, to arrange to have another magazine delivered to Members as part of the Club membership.  That partner is Creative Crafts Group, and one of their flagship magazines, Creating Keepsakes
We are still continuing to operate all other aspects of the Club as Members know them.  Access to the various benefits, and the new magazine, are all part of the dues already paid.  It won’t cost you anything more. 

Aside from the different Club magazine you’ll be getting, you also have full access to all the other Club’s benefits on the website.   If you would like to learn more about the benefits click here to contact Member Services at memberservices@creativehomeartsclub.com.

2. Who is Creative Crafts Group?

Creative Crafts Group is the most significant publisher of quilting, sewing, and scrapbooking magazines – all dedicated to improving the enjoyment of these activities for their readers. 

In addition to Creating Keepsakes magazine they also publish Paper Crafts, McCall’s Quilting, Love of Knitting and Sew News, as well as many other great magazines.

The Club is very happy to be working with them, on your behalf.  They’re a fantastic publisher.      
3. What is Creating Keepsake magazine like?

Creating Keepsakes delivers hundreds of fresh projects and ideas, quick tips to save you time and money, today’s hottest trends and products, and amazing secrets from the experts.

We’re fortunate and excited to have secured this partnership with Creating Keepsakes magazine, so we’d encourage you to give it a try.

4. Is the Club closing or going away?

Absolutely not! We are making some changes in the Club, which we think are a significant improvement for our Members.  While the printed magazine element of your Club membership is changing, Members get a LOT more content in each issue than we’ve been delivering to you.  The Club is not taking away any benefits or services.  Members will have full access to these benefits on the Club’s website.  For any questions or concerns regarding the Club’s benefits click here to contact member services at memberservices@creativehomeartsclub.com.

5. What’s on your website?

On the site, Members can see a wide range of things – including various benefit programs such as the Product Testing Program, Member Giveaways, Member-to-Member tips and forums, and a lot of great content related to your interests.

All registered users of the site will also be eligible to get a regular e-newsletter that’ll give new ideas, new product information, and tips for everyday life.

6. I’m a current subscriber to Creating Keepsakes.  What does this change mean to me?

We’re very happy that Creative Crafts Group is working with us.  But if they already are serving you with Creating Keepsakes magazine, it doesn’t make sense for them to convert your paid subscription with them into this offer.  We wish we could include current subscribers, but we simply can’t at this time.  Because of that, we want to give you maximum flexibility, so we are giving you a couple good options to consider.  If you would like to learn about these options please contact the Club’s Member Services team at memberservices@creativehomeartsclub.com.

7. If I have a question on Creating Keepsakes magazine who do I call?

For questions regarding a replacement issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine because it arrived damaged, or questions about specific content or advertising you see in the magazine, please contact the customer service area for Creative Crafts Group.  The toll-free number to use is (888) 247-5282. 

For all other questions or concerns regarding the Club’s benefits click here to contact member services at memberservices@creativehomeartsclub.com. CLOUDWEB01