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march 2011
Create a New Spring Look   
One Pattern for More Than One Design   
february 2011
Create Some Get Well Cheer  
Create a Contemporary Look for Less  
Create a Box of Love   
A Sweet Card for Your Sweetie   
january 2011
A Green Project That's Scary and Sweet   
Put Your Feet Up in Style   
Create a Winter Wreath   
Make a New Year's Resolution to Get—and Stay—Organized   
december 2010
Light up a Holiday Gift  
Create a Whimsical Holiday Centerpiece  
Create an All-in-One Gift  
november 2010
Create a Plush Holiday Gift   
2011 Calendars Designed Exclusively for You   
Easy Holiday Accents  
Updated Holiday Door Décor  
Add Festive Flair to Your Holiday Table  
Get Your Custom Calendar  
Sew Adorable Baby Warm-Ups  
october 2010
Get a Photographic Memory for Projects  
Create Table Style Without Breaking the Bank  
Create a New Take on an Old Favorite  
Create a Welcoming Fall Ring of Wreaths  
september 2010
Create a New Look for the Season  
Custom Calendar Survey Results  
Sew a Grab 'n Go Tote  
Make the Cut on the Go  
Create a T-Shirt Gallery  
august 2010
Color-Changing Custom Clothes  
105 Home Décor Projects  
Tote Your Goods in Style  
Create Some Inspiration  
Guilt-free Parties!  
july 2010
Tea Towel Baskets  
Get Your Ticket for HomeArts Live!  
Capture Your Vacation Memories  
Take Your Needlework Out to the Ball Game!  
june 2010
Create Comfy Picnic Pillows  
Must-Make Jewelry  
Create a Custom Craft Calendar  
A Great Gift for Dad  
Create the Look of Stained Glass for Less  
Win your Dream Studio!  
may 2010
Take Our Survey—Win a Camera!  
Dress Up Your Hangers  
Celebrate a Grad!  
A Glue for Every Job  
More Than Flowers for Mother's Day  
april 2010
Metalsmithing 101: Creating Metal Jewelry  
Quirky is Cute—and Green!  
Welcome, Baby!  
Put Your Feet Up In Style  
march 2010
Grab a Weekly Bargain!  
Felt a Fuzzy Chick  
Keep Your Knits About You  
Metal Mania  
Asian décor in an Afternoon  
Coulda Shoulda WOOD!  
Go Ahead—Doodle Away!  
Salvage Your Selvage  
Take the Craft Night Pledge  
february 2010
Design on the Cheap  
Create Your Own Sweetness  
Get Wired!  
Lay it on Thick  
Bead a Bouquet  
Make It, Wear It, Win It  
Share the Warmth—One Knit at a Time  
Crafty Storage Solutions  
january 2010
Iron Smarts  
Turn on the Charm with Felt Figurines  
Clothes Make the Pet  
Get the Right Cut—Every Time  
Enter the Pink & Red Challenge  
Speed Up the Aging Process—for Your Projects  
The Sky's the Limit with This Clay  
A New Craft for a New Year  
december 2009
Fussy Patterns Without the Fuss  
Get a Grip on the Perfect Cut  
Interior Design: Go Big or Go Home  
Create Some Tasty Bling  
Fun & Funky Glass Ornaments  
A Crafty Holiday Gift and a Good Deed  
Plan Your Own Crafty Gift  
Give Yourself a Healthy Gift—Every Day  
If Yarn Could Gasp ...  
november 2009
Holiday Gift Guide  
Tradition with a Trendy Twist  
Screen It If You Mean It  
Brighten Your Winter with Flowers  
Light it Without a Fight  
Get Your Quilting Game On!  
Cut Yourself a Break  
Serve up a Birthday Surprise  
october 2009
Create a Keepsake Card  
Get the Right Fit and Bead On  
Keep 'Em Warm this Winter  
Stitch & Knit Shades of Pink  
Save Some Green on Halloween  
Stitch Smarter  
Go Inside for a Breath of Fresh Air  
Create it with Stone  
Light the Night—Pink!  
september 2009
Control Shabby Chic  
Learn To Paint—Online  
Light Up the Night  
Go Back to School—at Home  
Celebrate National Sewing Month  
Stand-out Gift Ideas!  
Just Zip It!  
Create Your Own Designer Fabric  
Get Control of a Sticky Situation  
august 2009
Save the Planet ... and Your Clothes  
If it works, stick with it!  
Spell It Like You Mean It  
Organization is a Beautiful Thing  
Guilt-free Crochet  
Wrap Up a Grand Prize  
The Art of Green  
On-the-Go Summer Crafting  
Bobbin, Bobbin, Where's My Bobbin?  
july 2009
Get Your Flower Power On  
Scrap with 5,000 Friends!  
Jewelry That Super Sparkles  
Go Ahead, Write on the Wall!  
Dyeing Naturally  
Beading Green is Good  
Christmas in July  
Make Stripping Easy & Painless  
Flawless Foils  
june 2009
Turn the Light on for Beaders  
Repair It, Don't Replace It  
Crafting with the Stars  
Custom Framing on a Shoestring  
It's All in the Finish!  
Give Dad Some Green on Father's Day  
Cuteness Alert—Japanese Crochet  
Wear It Out!  
Packing Tape Panache  
may 2009
Craft in America Returns  
Mix it Up with Fabric  
Scrappers, Hold It Right There!  
Come Unglued  
Meet Me in Paree, Mon Ami!  
Make Super-Realistic Dolls  
Crafting Helps Cure Cancer  
What is Your Scrapbook Saying About You?  
april 2009
Three Grand for What You Wear to the Prom?  
Cutting Edge Design  
The Perfect Finish  
Flawless Layers  
Be a big-time crafter. Really big.  
Take my stitching out to the ball game!  
Create a fantasy room for your little princess  
Cardstock with a hidden surprise  
Make a statement. Then change your mind.  
march 2009
Be stylish and organized when you're on the go!  
Paint faux "Stained Glass" Accents  
Fuse Glass in Your Microwave  
Frosted Glass Finishes  
The easy way to mat photos  
Window Greenhouse  
Make a Pot of Gold Wreath  
Personalize your Pillowcases  
Recycle a ladder for display and storage  
february 2009
Jazz up a table setting in an afternoon!  
Japanese-Style Floral Arranging  
March/April Winning Cover  
Lace-Stenciled Fabric  
Hors d'Oeuvres Picks  
Rose Blossom Hanging Heart  
Reversible Round-Table Place Mats  
Trim Your Upholstered Furniture  
january 2009
Décor Storage Boxes  
Ice Globe Candle Holders  
Coordinating Fabric Headboard  
Soap with Style  
Window Shelf Display  
Pierced Paper Lampshade  
Tile is in Style!  
A green way to organize your sewing room  
Here's Looking at you...  
december 2008
Make it or shake it!  
Crafting is good ... and good for you!  
Add your own touch to Hanukkah  
Trim the Tree: Luscious Layering  
Sweetheart House Cover Wins!  
Marvelous Metallics  
Re-gift the right way  
Bump out your holiday cards  
november 2008
Get the look!  
Thanks for the memories  
Dining with personalized style  
Scrapbook a family tree  
Inspiration hangs in the valance  
November/December Winning Cover  
Floral Frame Hugger  
october 2008
Day of the Dead Traditions  
Mask-querade Party  
Capture A Monster—on a Scrapbook Page!  
Control Center  
Fall-Mix Planter  
Assemble your first two-page spread!  
Start on Page One!  
Bedspring Planter  
september 2008
Celebrate with your girlfriends  
Get—and stay—organized!  
Dimensional Photo Matting  
Tree Gift Bag  
Control Center  
Suitcase Dog Bed  
Check It Out! Loaning System  
Faux Studded Vest  
Slice-it-up Photo Card  
august 2008 
I Love You Wind Heart  
Winning Cover  
Pop-Out Daisies  
It's a Shower!  
Party Photo Poles!  
Clay to the Rescue!  
Patio Posh  
Rust-Oleum Rescue  
Tinfastic Storage Frame  CLOUDWEB01