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Food poisoning from corn on cob in plastic bags
Last Post 28 Jun 2008 07:22 AM by Rudy. 1 Replies.
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RudyUser is Offline Veteran Member Veteran Member Posts:1361
28 Jun 2008 07:22 AM

    Just wanted to post this b/c it was news to me when it happened....

    a girl that used to work for me had stopped and picked up corn on the cob.  The farmers stand put it in a plastic bag.  she put it in her back seat.  She had to stop at the grocery store and was inside for about 1/2 hour.  When she got home, she unloaded the groceries and threw the corn , in the bag, on the counter.  About 4 hours later, she husked the corn and they had it for supper... the next morning her husband took her to the hospital as she was deathly sick.  She ended up with FOOD POISONING!!!

    The doctors at the hospital asked her what she had had for supper..and she told them corn.  the docs started asking about it and she went thru the above story.   The docs asked if the bag had seemed damp at all when she took the corn out and she said yes... turns out that the corn was 'sweating ' in the plastic bag and THIS can cause the corn to go bad and made her sick.   She and her hubby were shocked.  They asked why HE wasn't sick... and the docs told them that two people could eat the same thing and it might affect one person differently then the other... i know this to be true b/c my hubby got food poisoning from mushrooms on a pizza that WE had eaten ..he was sick and i wasn't..

    It is just good info to know...now, anything that is ANY kind of a plastic bag, i remove immediately when i get home (unless it is going in the fridge)  who would have thought that this could cause those kinds of problems???? 

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    Scootchie Posts:42722
    30 Jun 2008 01:48 PM
    Rudy thanks for the info.  A couple weeks ago when I was buying corn the produce guy Allen told me I shouldn't ever store my corn in the husk in a plastic bag for a few reasons one of which was the food poisoning and the other is that it'll get tough...he suggested storing it in a paper bag (in the fridge) in the husk til the day I cooked it, would help keep the juices in the kernels and make it tender and sweet.  We always have a garbage can near the corn display if you want to shuck before you leave the store which I opt to if i'm going to cooke the corn within 48hours....I like the can near the display it keeps my floors clean and my disposal unclogged ; ).  But as far as leaving the corn in the plastic bag in the car....that's any produce and for the same reasons...condensation...YUK!
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