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Holiday Décor Contest Winners 2010

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Note: Honorable Mentions and Runners-up are presented in no particular order. Click on photos to enlarge.


Holy Friday/The Divine Face
The Passion of Christ inspired me to create “The Divine Face.” The technique used is black and white embroidery: black and white thread on silk. I copied the face from a Guatemalan painting and drew it in pencil on the silk. The size, including the frame is 27" x 31".

Yoli Garcia, Life Member
Tyler, Texas



“A Treasured Time” Framed Counted Cross Stitch
This is a framed counted cross stitch project I created from Dimensions' “A Treasured Time” kit. It was the perfect project to work on as I dealt with my father's death after a lengthy illness. It was healing to dive into such a detailed project and focus my mind on something else. It took my approximately nine months to complete.

Lynne Potter, Life Member
Kalamazoo, Michigan




Halloween Pumpkin Train
I used polymer clay to create this pumpkin train (1 1/2" x 7"). I made miniature candy corn, leaves, and even a monster peeking out of one of the pumpkins! I used wire for the smoke and leaves. After it was baked, I painted the windows with acrylic paint.

Beverly Mewhorter
Apache Junction, Arizona



Honorable Mentions  - $25 each 

“Boneware” Pottery Bowl
I call this hand built pottery bowl “Boneware” for obvious reasons. I slumped a slab of clay into a form to create the bowl shape, leaving the edges rather raw. I then hand sculpted the skeleton arms and hands to circle the rim. Black and white glazes with a touch of iron oxide shows the bones in better detail.

René Laigo
Ft. Pierce, Florida


Santa’s Workshop
My mother has always inspired my creative artwork, and I wanted to make her something that she would enjoy. I used plastic needlepoint throughout, accented with red ribbons. A metal ring around the circumference on the underside stabilizes the decoration. Each piece is made of worsted weight yarn in a multitude of colors I've collected through the years.

Lori Jones
Peoria Heights, Illinois



Father Christmas Gourd
I painted this well-fed Father Christmas from Russia on a kettle gourd. He stands 11" tall with a 26" belt size. I used acrylic paints with DecoArt Snow Tex for the fur trim with Delta Sparkle Glaze added after drying. His shoes are made from Polyform Sculpey clay.

Pat Duncan
Rowlett, Texas


Appliquéd Nativity Scene
This tree skirt came to me as a kit that my grandmother had and never started. The backing is a lovely dark blue felt that I appliquéd with the Nativity scene. I embellished the skirt with embroidery, rickrack trim, and beadwork, and finished by backing it with a dark green satin.

Amanda Fortier
Waldoboro, Maine


St. Patrick’s Day Fruit Rainbow
I created a serving tray from white foam-filled board cut with a scalpel. I decorated it and covered it with clear contact paper to waterproof it. I cut and combined two flat-backed foam wreaths to form the rainbow and wrapped it in plastic before adding the fruit. I drizzled it with lemon juice to keep it from turning brown and used toothpicks with colored tops to match the fruit.

Kimmy Conley
LaCanada, California


Perennial Beaded Christmas Tree
I started this beaded tree ten years ago when I retired and only work on it during the Christmas season. The branches are wired with seed beads, with a combination of purchased and handmade beaded ornaments. It's been fun to work on, but I may have to start a new one as there is no room left on this!

Mary Raguso, Life Member
Pinehurst, North Carolina


Crocheted Christmas Tree
I created this tree out of my passion for crochet and wanting family heirlooms to pass on to my granddaughters. I made a crochet mesh base, and crocheted ruffles in rounds for each branch, top to bottom. It took a while to starch and decorate, but what a delight when I turned on its lights!

Carol Cochran, Life Member
Hesperia, California



Spooky Birdhouse
I painted an unfinished birdhouse black, then painted all the trim gray (including the shingles). I painted ghosts and pumpkins, etc. but kept in mind that this was a BIRDhouse, thus the bloody bird prints, bird noose, and bird skeleton). I coated the house with varnish, and glued on embellishments.

Denise LeDent
Millville, New Jersey


Christmas Jar Toppers
My whimsical jar toppers adorn any type of jar. The key is a lot of sheetrock compound with Aleene's glitter snow on top. I place my findings in time with the hardening of the compound, then add extra snow, twinklets, and microbeads on top for fresh snow.

Lisa West
Bowdoinham, Maine


Polymer Clay Witch
This Halloween witch stands 19" tall. I first sculpted her face, hands, and feet in polyclay, then formed the body. I painted her face in acrylics and made her dress from black fabric with some black lace for the bodice. The broom is made from a dowel and straw pieces cut from a broom I had.

Jackie Held, Life Member
Carlsbad, California



Yo-Yo Tree
I made this tree as a Christmas gift for a dear friend. I made large and small fabric yo-yos, placed the smaller ones in the center of the larger ones, and pinned them to a craft foam cone with a flower pot vase. Then I strung gold beads as a garland and topped the tree with a gold-painted pine cone with red holly berries at its base. The tree was placed in a basket with little gift boxes attached under the tree.

Carol Tromba
Vero Beach, Florida


Christmas Countdown Calendar
I wanted a way to count down to Christmas in a more meaningful way than getting candy or a trinket. I made 24 pockets from holiday paper and placed them on two pieces of black cardstock (attached to a clipboard for stability). In each pocket is a tag with a task on it. The tasks are all small things my sons, husband, and I can do to give a little back during the holiday season. They include things like "send a card to a soldier serving in Iraq," "make cookies for a neighbor", visit a nursing home to sing carols, etc. We pull a card every day and try to accomplish it by the end of the day, or within three days if the task involves traveling or is extra complicated.

Anne Stockl, Life Member
Yorkville, Illinois




Gumball Holiday Tree
During cataract surgery two and a half years ago, an unprecedented seizure gripped me. When I came to, my whole life was changed. After the seizure, I couldn't even do the simplest of things, and it took a very long time to regain my memories. My job was impossible. I was bored, tired, and very sad, doing absolutely nothing for a year except feel sorry for myself. One day I was walking to the mailbox and my foot kicked the seed pod from a gum tree, which is fairly common in my area. The wheels in my head started spinning and a seed of inspiration took hold. Fifty years ago, women in my area created very pretty holiday decorations from these seed pods but, due to a lack of technological advances and materials, they were limited in their uniqueness. I decided to revive the craft. My results surprised my friends and even myself. They were an immediate hit and I began selling them to people I knew. Word spread and I soon was selling them to people I'd never met!  I now have a purpose that I never thought I would have again. I make beauty from just what I can find, and people really like what I do. It's amazing how a beautiful craft can bring people together!

Linda Sadler
Dresden, Tennessee



Spring Holiday Jar Toppers
These jar toppers adorn any type of jar, from canning jars (with the two parts glued together) to any glass peanut butter or salsa jar. I use a lot of sheetrock compound and decorate with faux flower petals, feathers, ribbons, miniature resin figures, and other findings. Depending on the theme and time of year, the jars are filled with packets of seeds or fudge and candy sticks.

Lisa West
Bowdoinham, Maine


Terra Cotta Witch
I saw a scarecrow made from terra cotta pots and decided that I should try to make other ones for different holidays. I made a witch, Santa Claus, Uncle Sam, and a leprechaun. I painted the pots and crafted the nose and hands from clay. I strung the arms and lets with wire and used wooden spools for separators. Finally, I glued the witch on the dowel and arranged the centerpiece pot with flowers.

Linda Trevethan
Warrior Run, Pennsylvania


Sledding Penguins
When I saw the adorable Sledding Penguins from HomeArts magazine (Nov/Dec 2006), I had to make it! I'm usually a scrapbooker or card maker, but I wanted to try to make this centerpiece using craft foam and fabric. Finishing touches such as eyes, decorative sled, and placement of mother's flippers around babies added so much personality. I proudly decorate my table at Christmas time with them.

Meredith Diatchun
Swartz Creek, Michigan


Pumpkin Decoration
I was at Michaels last October and they had these foam pumpkins. I bought a few, brought them home, and was thinking of what to do with them. The next week, I was at the Dollar Tree store and they had beautiful “silk” flowers and foliage. They also had some fall decorations and wire ribbon. When I got home, I took out my Craftsman awl and started poking holes. I cut off the leaves and flowers and one by one placed them in the holes. I used hot glue to be sure they would stay sturdy. Then I wove the wire ribbon through the flowers and hung some wavy pieces down the front. Lastly, I added some beads here and there. It was so easy and inexpensive. And a lot of fun!

Danielle Hayes, Life Member
Unionville, New York


Black Cat Halloween Mannequin
A friend and I recently opened an Etsy shop to showcase her sewn creations and my papier­mâché and sculpture projects. We needed a mannequin and after pricing them I decided I could make one myself. I chose the black cat because we are preparing several Halloween-themed items and when I saw your contest I knew I wanted to get her finished in time as an entry. She is wearing one of my friend's Halloween aprons. I hand knitted her scarf and made the skull button on it, as well as her spider earrings.

Diane Irvin
Coos Bay, Oregon


Old World Santa
I created this old world Santa so our family would have one special decoration to keep from year to year. I made a cone-shaped case that I stuffed firmly after inserting a straightened wire at shoulder height for hands and arms. The bottom was glued to a round piece of wood for stability. I painted the entire body with gesso, and then with slightly thinned acrylic paint. The face was formed from Sculpey clay, painted, and stitched to the body over plenty of hot glue. The Santa was very inexpensive to make and our family loves it.

Arva Westley
Mesa, Arizona


Valentine’s Day Heart
Decorating for a holiday is always fun, and living in a retirement community makes holidays even better because there is a much larger area to decorate. When I was in charge of Valentine's Day decorating several years ago, I made a large hanging heart for the foyer of our clubhouse.
I purchased three strips of white lath, the kind with a foam-like core and vinyl covering that is very flexible. I stacked two pieces together, drilled two holes near one end, and fastened them with nuts and bolts. I then drilled two holes in the opposite ends of the two pieces. Laying them on edge on a flat surface, I was able to spread them apart then draw them back around to form a heart shape that I secured using a 90 degree angle bracket. I wired the third piece of lath horizontally across the top of the heart for stability, then wrapped tulle loosely around the framework. Wired-on flowers help hold the tulle in place and a computer-generated banner disguises the cross brace.

Martha Jenkins
Metamora, Illinois


Victorian Santa
The face of this Victorian Santa was created using polymer clay and glass eyes, with the details of the face and hands painted after the clay was baked. The front panel of Santa's costume was constructed using white satin trimmed with white lace and gold sequins. The robe and hat were made from burgundy velvet and trimmed with white rabbit fur from a recycled coat collar. The During the month of December, the Victorian Santa resides in our living room near the seven-foot Peter Rabbit-decorated Christmas tree.

Linda Long
Bloomfield, Indiana

Christmas Tree with Ornaments
My husband's mother had a tree for every room except for her kitchen. I wanted the tree to have some food-related whimsy, so I went with candy and cake. Prices were too high for the size tinsel tree I was looking for, so I decided to make it myself. I used wire hangers, cable ties, wooden dowel rods and wheels, tinsel garland, and hot glue. The stand was a large hat box decorated with die cuts and painted with wood glue.

Michelle Davidson, Life Member
Linden, Tennessee

Pumpkin Decorations
I do a lot of appliqué work on sweatshirts and t-shirts, and always have leftover material. To make these pumpkins, I gather and tie each with twine to resemble the ribs on pumpkins. They are stuffed with polyfil and decorated with raffia, ribbon, small birds, butterflies, fruit, etc.

Marlene Butler
Hebron, Nebraska
Quilted Valentine’s Day Banner
I started my daughter on a quilted banner of the month “membership.” Each month I designed and made a banner for the holiday that month. This is February's Valentine's Day banner. I cut apart a fabric with a heart pattern and appliquéd it to form the center heart. I also used international fabrics — the border and backing is from Germany and the diagonal print is from Japan. (I have a very military, international family!) Then I used my embroidery machine to create the bears on red velvet and the heart trail on the left.

Renee Heiss
Tabernacle, New Jersey

Tree Centerpiece
Ten of us were asked to make a centerpiece for each table for a Christmas party. I designed this tree that was about 22" tall. I wrapped ribbon around a straw wreath and attached it with floral pins. Then I hot glued bulbs in rows to form the tree, taking care not to burn the wire or get glue near the socket. I used battery-operated lights, which I left plugged in while I worked so that when I was done, I knew the lights work and I hadn't burned any wires. Then I cut poinsettias with leaves, leaving stems about 1 1/2" to 2" long, and hot glued them onto the tree, filling in with other smaller items (flowers, ferns, teddy bears, etc.)

Barbara Wilson
Otisfield, Maine





# cowgirl
Tuesday, October 05, 2010 11:48 AM
These are all terrific! Bet the judges had a hard time. Congratulations to all.
# crafty55
Tuesday, October 05, 2010 1:11 PM
I was pleased with the cross stitch kit that was done. It is a Thomas Kincaide counted cross stitch kit and I just completed one and am in the process of completing another kit. I was disappointed to learn that the Dimensions company no longer exists. I enjoy the challenge of the Dimensions' cross stitch kits.
# crafty55
Tuesday, October 05, 2010 1:12 PM
Congratulations to the winner!!!!!!!
# dwanamaker
Wednesday, October 06, 2010 8:22 AM
A tree skirt from a kit??? These should be original creations!
# west_lm
Friday, October 08, 2010 6:08 PM
Any of the winners or runner's up here? Would love to visit personal blogs for more contact for exchanging craft ideas. I had the jar toppers here and in the magazine. Would love to meet some of you, the forums don't seem to have a place to share each other's personal blogs: http://lettersandlace.blogspot.com/
Smiles, Lisa
# mpierson1
Tuesday, November 22, 2011 4:03 PM
I'd like to congratulate all the winner's of the holiday contest. I also would like to congratulate all those that sent in their design's. I see a lot of artistic talent in all of you! You all should give yourself a pat on the back for your talent!

# skinnett
Wednesday, February 22, 2012 9:50 AM
the woman who made the gumball christmas tree's story was truely magical and delightful and very inspiring. would love to make one myself or get her to make me one. but congrats to all all had very clever ideas and showcased much talent from all .
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