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Four seasons home décor

Seasons Wall Décor
An accent for every season
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Stamp and stitch these delicate trees with seed beads in a color depicting the four seasons.  Add dimension by mounting onto a paper layered canvas, and hang them in a wall grouping. They can also be placed on easels for tabletop décor. 

Finished size:  5" square Canvases

Skill:    1-2     Time:     2    Cost:    2

•  See photos for details and placement.

You will need:

•  Four 5" square canvases*
•  Scroll tree rubber stamp*
•  Chestnut Roan ink*
•  Cardstock:  brown, white
•  Brown mulberry paper
•  Chipboard coasters
•  Seed beads*: pink, red, tan, white, silver
•  Metallic thread*: pink, red, tan, silver
•  Beading needle
•  Matching thread
•  1/4" white satin ribbon
•  1/8" brown satin ribbon
•  Red line double-sided tape*
•  Glue stick
•  Cellophane tape
Ruler, scissors

*The following products were used in this project:  Blue Moon beads • Clearsnap Colorbox fluid chalk ink • Hero Arts Scroll Tree rubber stamp #F4927 , Provo Craft Terrifically Tacky tape • Royal & Langnickel Brush square art canvas • Wonderfil Metallic threads (color # 8837, 8836, 7730, 6600).

STEP 1:  Cut cardstock & stamp trees.  Cut four 2 1/2" x 2 1/8" pieces of white cardstock. Apply brown ink to  scroll tree stamp and stamp image onto center of each piece.

STEP 2:  Pierce holes & stitch.  Place stamped tree onto foam pad right side up. Use straight pin to pierce hole at end of each curled branch. Cut 20" of thread.  Note:  Shorter lengths of thread are easier to stitch with. If you need more, tape off end and continue with another length of thread. Insert thread into beading needle and do not tie a knot. Working with one thickness of thread and beginning at one side of image, insert needle through a hole from back to front.  Pull thread through until 1/2" remains at back. Secure end with tape. Pick up seed bead on end of needle. Insert through same hole to return to back. Continue until all pierced holes are completed. Stitch ‘Spring’ tree with pink beads, ‘Summer’ tree with red beads, ‘Winter’ tree with a combination of silver and white beads, and ‘Fall’ tree with tan iridescent beads.

STEP 3:  Cut & cover coasters. Cut four 3" squares from coasters. Cut four 4 1/2" squares of mulberry paper. Apply glue stick to one side of coaster square. Place glue side down onto center of mulberry square. Wrap coaster square by wrapping corners first. Continue wrapping excess at one side followed by opposite side. Repeat for remaining two sides. Apply glue stick to excess mulberry paper prior to wrapping. Set aside.

STEP 4:  Adhere stamped trees. Adhere a stamped and beaded tree to each piece of covered coaster square. Center between top, left, and right sides.

STEP 5:  Attach ribbon.  Cut four 4 1/2" lengths of white satin ribbon. Tie a knot with a 2 1/2" length of 1/8" brown ribbon at center of each piece of white. Adhere ribbon horizontally to bottom of each mat board panel. Wrap excess to back and secure.

STEP 6:  Cut card stock & stamp border.  Cut four 3 3/4" squares of white cardstock.  Ink top edge only of scroll tree and stamp repeatedly around edge of white cardstock square. Reapply ink prior to each stamping. Repeat on each square.

STEP 7:  Cut card stock & layer.  Cut four 4 7/8" squares of brown cardstock. Layer previously stamped border squares onto center. Adhere panel to center front of canvas using red liner tape. Repeat for each canvas.

STEP 8:  Attach beaded tree panels. Adhere a beaded tree panel to center of each border square on canvas using red line double-sided tape.


Blue Moon Beads
(800) 727-2727

Clearsnap Inc.

(800) 448-4862

Hero Arts
(510) 652-6055

Provo Craft
(800) 937-7686

Royal and Langnickel Brush Mfg. Inc.
(800) 247-2211

Wonderful Network Ltd.
(866) 250-6101

Seasons Wall Décor Close Up
comment By ccarpenter @ Wednesday, January 05, 2011 1:50 PM
This looked like kind of a neat project but since I have never done any type of stamping and/or scrapbooking the instructions were a little difficult to understand/follow. I would be very helpful if the close up picture of the project was larger so that I could see the detail. The directions would probably be easier to follow if I could tie the different steps to the finished product

comment By Aravensvoice @ Saturday, January 08, 2011 10:59 AM
I think the projects are great, but the details for creating the projects are limited and the pictures are to small... especially for one with vision limitations.

comment By vic321 @ Thursday, January 20, 2011 3:06 AM
I am very familar with stamping and still had to struggle a bit with the directions. But the fact that the pic's could not be enlarged was a BIG problem.

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