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Native-Inspired Jewelry

Native-Inspired Jewelry
Create a bit of culture
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The ancient Native American Membres and Membreno tribes of Arizona and New Mexico left a legacy of stunning designs on their pottery featuring black and white geometric and stylized animal motifs. Use stamps and black marker on foam board to draw inspiration from this fascinating work!

Finished sizes:
1 3/4" long Earrings (without ear wire)
           15" Necklace with 2" x 2 3/4" Pendant

Skill:    1    Time:    1    Cost:    1

You will need:

•  White foam-filled board scraps
•  Geometric rubber stamp*
•  Black inkpad*
•  Clear matte embossing powder*
•  Embossing/heat gun
•  49 strand nylon-covered beading wire or .118mm beading thread*
•  Black “E” beads*
•  Black & white “E” beads*
•  22 1/2" black flat round beads*
•  Six 1/2" black teardrops*
•  Two French silver ear wires*
•  Two 3" silver eye pins*
•  Two 3" silver head pins*
•  Six 8mm silver jump rings*
•  Large-eyed beading needle*
•  Heavy duty scissors or jewelry-type wire cutters
•  Pliers: flat, round-nose
•  Permanent black marker*
•  Craft knife & cutting mat*
•  8" x 10" Aluminum-covered cardboard
Metal-edged ruler, paper plate

*The following products were used for this project: Beacon Adhesives Gem-Tac glue • Beadalon beading wire • Clearsnap ColorBox inkpad • Fiskars craft knife, cutting mat • Ranger clear matte embossing powder •  Sharpie marker • Stamp-A-Mania Membres stamp #SF6497 M.

Note: For product information, see end of article.

•  Beads may vary in size. “E” beads should measure 6-7 beads per inch.
•  Adjust length of necklace and size of pendant and earrings if you like.
•  Allow glue to dry between steps.
•  See photos for details and placement.

STEP 1: Cut foam board.
Use craft knife, ruler, and cutting mat to cut various shapes and sizes from foam board for pendant and earrings (Photo A). Earring pieces can be cut the same or different than pendant.

STEP 2: Stamp & emboss designs.
Note: Stamp has many different design motifs. Ink a section of stamp with black inkpad and stamp a foam board piece (Photo B). Repeat stamping pieces as you like. While ink is still wet, place stamped pieces onto paper plate and sprinkle or pour embossing powder on all pieces. Embossing powder will only stick to wet ink. Shake off excess powder and pour back into jar. Use heating tool to emboss (Photo C). Note: Stamp and emboss on both sides if you like. Use black marker to color edges of pieces.

STEP 3: Surround pendant with beads. Thread beading needle with flexible beading wire or beading string. String enough “E” beads to surround the pendant. Snug up beads and tie off wire or thread., Place a small amount of gem glue on all knots. Glue in place around edge of pendant.

STEP 4: Bead neck strand. To join neck strand to pendant, run beading thread through side beads from bottom to top. String the type and length of neck strand you like. Go through beads on opposite side of pendant from top to bottom, tying off several beads from bottom. String ten black/white beads and one flat round bead, continuing until you reach length you like.
For side dangles, tie onto side beads three or four beads from bottom. Run through those beads to top of pendant. Go back through the three beads from bottom. Tie off. Add a small of glue to knot. For short dangles, string five black and white “E” beads, one teardrop, one black and white “E” bead, and one black bead. For medium dangles, string ten black and white “E” beads, one teardrop, one black and white “E” bead, and one black bead. For long dangles, string 15 black and white “E” beads, one teardrop, one black and white “E” bead, and one black bead.

STEP 5: Make earrings. Use marker to color edges of earring foam pieces or bead as you did necklace pendant. To bead, place one black “E” bead on eye pin and carefully insert into top middle of foam piece. Go through shard through center bottom. Place two black E” beads onto eye pin. Use flat-nose pliers to bend eye pin at a 45 degree angle. To make loop, use round nose pliers to bend back into circle.

STEP 6: Finish. Use a jump ring to attach ear wire to eye pin. Repeat for second earring.


Beacon Adhesives, Inc.

(800) 865-7238

(866) 423-2325

Clearsnap Inc.

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(866) 348-5661

Ranger Industries
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